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Evening Prayer May 19, 2021

The Holy Trinity May 30, 2021

Church Dedication May 7, 1950

The Dedication of the new Church building May 7, 1950.   The Church officials pointed out the building was a work in progress.  There were stained glass windows in Chancel behind the alter, the Baptistery window and the Crucifixion window on the right.  All the other windows were plain glass.  But, as Marsteller pointed out, they were in a heated building with a roof over their head.

Rev. J. Luther Mauney, President of the Lutheran Synod of Virginia in 1950 and Uncle to Bishop Jim Mauney, preached the Dedication sermon.  The audio file is only 4 minutes long.  The dedication was recorded on 15, 78rpm records.  Each record is about 5 minutes in length.  Rev Mauney actually spoke for over 30 minutes and filled 7 of the 15 records.  This is the first record of the set and the begining of his sermon. 

Dudley Marsteller, Chairman of the Building Committee, presenting the keys of the Church to Rev. Frank K. Efird.

Evening Prayer June 9, 2021

3rd Sunday After Pentecost June 13, 2021

2nd Sunday After Pentecost June 6, 2021

Evening Prayer May 26, 2021

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  • May 7, 1950 Keys1:12

  • May 7, 1950 Dedication3:43

Pentecost Sunday May 23, 2021

Evening Prayer June 2, 2021


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